About Chalene Johnson - Creator of Push Journal

The Story Behind the PUSH Journal and Chalene Johnson

Together with her husband Bret, Chalene Johnson developed the PUSH Journal as a culmination of what they learned in 20+ years of productivity coaching. While trying planner after planner, Chalene realized there was a missing piece and set out to
create her own. 



 It focuses on 1 year goals that are too far away and complex and to develop a clear and effective
action plan to achieve them.

 It lacks goal-setting parameters. Ever set a goal that looked good on paper but left you unfulfilled and dissatisfied even when achieved? That's because most goal-setting planners disregard your priorities and life balance.

 They become a distraction. While bright designs and flashy accessories may be fun and appealing at first, the average planner often becomes a modern form of scrapbooking and distracts people from the task at hand.  

Chalene Johnson created the PUSH Journal to be so much more than a planner. With this system, users set and achieve goals without compromising their priorities or life balance. After testing and tweaking the PUSH Journal for well over a year, she found that daily users achieved 1-year goals in as little as 90 days or less! Now, Chalene and Bret are making this PUSH journal available to everyone!


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